Friday, August 26, 2011


So for those who have known me my entire life, you are well aware of my love affair with paper. I mean really, what 2 year do you know of who asked for paper and stationery for Christmas instead of the latest and greatest toy or Tickle Me Elmo...well I was that 2 year old. And I still have this same love affair with paper that I did way back then. I invent reason to send people photo cards and little notes, and I love calendars, photo gifts. Basically if it has to do with paper and my family, it's all about me

And get ready for this, I think I have just seen the trifecta! Think amazing paper, AND, wait for it......special memories of your family. This great company the Paper Coterie, has some amazing products, and I personally want everything they make, my poor husband, and you must check out their great products to see for yourself.

Lucky for you, this VERY generous company along with Sweeps4Bloggers, has a great giveaway going on right now for their AMAZING memory keepers, so head on over here and enter this giveaway. The deadline is 9/8/11. These memory keepers are perfect for keeping all your families personal mementos.

Trust me you won't be disappointed! Check out some of their great products!

Don't miss out on this great giveaway, enter now!! It's Fast and Easy, and is SO worth your time!!

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  1. I love this company, they have great customer service too!